Extra Footage

Matt Kenney Interview and Drumming Samples

We interviewed Matt Kenney, a thirteen-year-old drummer, because we believe that his presence speaks volumes about the contra dance community as a whole. Although we did not include our interview with him in our final film, we want you to be able to watch it. The following interview is largely unedited, and it includes a brief introduction by Ralph Sturgen. Please enjoy!


Ralph Sweet Interview (Complete)

One of our best interviews content-wise was with Ralph Sweet, a man who has been deeply involved in the contra dance community for decades. Unfortunately, we filmed the interview in what one musician called “the inside of a snare drum”; we were downstairs at the Guiding Star Grange in a room with a metal ceiling, a tile floor, and bare walls. Although the sounds of the stomping feet above us were unbearably loud and we could hardly hear each other, Mr. Sweet graciously stayed and spoke with us for almost an hour.

We have posted the entire interview here for those of you who care to hear the whole thing. As this selection is unedited, Mr. Sweet’s voice is often difficult to make out. We promise it’s worth the strain. Enjoy!