monk and altar

Good Practice: Buddhist Chanting in Pelham, Massachusetts (2023)

Wat Santivana is situated quietly in the town of Pelham, Massachusetts. Seeming unassuming and small, the Buddhist temple, or rather, the place of practice, since it also is home to Poarn Leak and his fellow monk, is an important part of the constellation of Cambodian Buddhist communities in New England. This film documents Poarn Leak’s practice of chanting every evening.

interior of St. Nicholas Church, Enfield

St. Nicholas: An Orthodox Parish (2023)

St. Nicholas Church serves as the place of worship for many Orthodox people, both Russian and not, within the broader Springfield, Massachusetts area. Services happen throughout the week, but the most important and highly attended service is the Divine Liturgy, which is celebrated on Sunday mornings.


Tip Your Bartenders (2023)

Queer venues like Majestic Saloon and 10 Forward contribute to the local queer community by hosting regular events that sustain the community and center queer BIPOC performers and audiences. This film explores the spatial complexities of those venues and communities.

electric guitar, what was noise

What Was Noise (2023)

An exploration of the meta-sensory nature of how modern youth navigate our troubled world. Absurdist humor, abrasive music, and a delight in performance as standing (sometimes kneeling) affront conjure images of that confrontationally obtuse ruckus-causing lineage: the cult of the electric guitar.