What Was Noise (2023)

An exploration of the meta-sensory nature of how modern youth navigate our troubled world. Absurdist humor, abrasive music, and a delight in performance as standing (sometimes kneeling) affront conjure images of that confrontationally obtuse ruckus-causing lineage: the cult of the electric guitar. The nature of What Was Noise is post-natal and both meta/infra-reflexive in its relationship with regards to its subject matter. It is self-ethnographic on the level of memetics, a presentation crafted from the documentation of performers performing within their own cultural space, by and for members of that cultural sphere. In this way, it is a self-observing piece, recognizable not only for its touchstone quality within the many, many contexts that inform it but also through its unique charm and cheer as the expressive debut of documentarians Ben Goodbody (of Hauzu / BGE) and Anna Wetzel. Featuring scoring and edutainment from William Amend IV (the popular musician and dj ‘frogtones’), the work possesses a buoyancy and rhythm both incoherent and down right irresistible.