Drifting Away: Reggae in the Pioneer Valley (2009)

Livingstone Richardson, also known as “Gillie” and “Cornflakes”, is the creative force behind Reggae Vision. Gillie was born in the Caribbean on Lambert’s Estate, Middle Island, St. Kitts and at age nineteen moved to his parents’ island home of Anguilla, where he learned reggae, calypso and soca music. Known as “Cornflakes,” he became a popular calypsonian known for his wit and style as well as a master of ceremonies for many touring acts, including Third World. Cornflakes became the Calypso King in Anguilla, winning the Carnival calypso competition in 1988.

Livingstone has performed throughout the Caribbean and the U.S. In the U.S. and St. Kitts, his fans and friends know him as Gillie, a name which goes back to his days playing West Indian football and cricket. Gillie brings a wide range of musical talents to Reggae Vision, including songwriter, composer, arranger, guitarist and

Reggae Vision performs with Mohan on bass, Adam on guitar, and Jeff on drums. A Reggae Vision performance is exciting because you never know what song will be played next. The band blends original music and a huge variety of well-known reggae, rock, r&b, and pop songs into the various rhythms of reggae and calypso.