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Theo Freddura is a senior Entertainment Management and Production major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Theo was born and raised in the city of Cambridge, Ma where he developed a passion for music, film, and athletics. Theo is the third oldest of seven brothers in the Freddura family.  Theo is also involved in his family’s restaurant business, The Daily Catch, in Boston where he serves up authentic Sicilian Style Seafood. Theo and his brother Sage are in the process of establishing a production company that specializes in audio and video production, Freddura Production. Contact Theo at tfreddur@student.umass.edu for any production needs.

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Special Thanks

Thank you to everybody that was involved in the project. This project would not be what it was without the charisma and character of Gillie. Respect. Thank you to the Pioneer Valley Soundscape class,  Katherine A. Beyer, Philip D. Dupont, Andrew G. Locke, Deidra M. Montgomery, Thomas R. Sibley, Ashley N. Soto. Respect. And last and most important much thanks to Prof. Jeffers L. Engelhardt for the motivation and guidance throughout the project. Respect.  Also thank you the the technical team that help to get the site up and running. Respect.