Mariachi Mexico Antiguo: Nuevas Fronteras (2018)

A film by Joaquin Townsend and Dean Gordon

Mariachi Mexico Antiguo took a big risk when they moved from Las Vegas to Connecticut in 2016. Las Vegas was rich in Mexican tradition, and demand for mariachi groups was high. To move to New England was a gamble that is beginning to pay dividends. After establishing a relationship with the Mariachi Academy of New England, the members of Mariachi Mexico Antiguo decided it would be best to move out east. By saving up funds from past gigs in Las Vegas and all living together when they initially moved out east, the group made an investment in their futures, and the future of mariachi in the Connecticut River Valley. They have since established themselves as New England’s premier mariachi, and are paving the way for mariachi to have a presence on the East Coast. Their influence on the community is clear; the academy is growing in size and gaining recognition throughout New England. Through teaching at the academy and playing at various cultural events throughout  New England, the members of Mariachi Mexico Antiguo seek to reinvent the image of real mariachi.

Mariachi Mexico Antiguo sees themselves as having a responsibility to share their culture and promote a culture of appreciation for mariachi music while inspiring future generations of mariachi musicians to build upon their legacy in the Connecticut River Valley.

Mariachi Mexico Antiguo are:

Andrea Cabrera
Valente Castillo
Erick Castro
David Cervantes
Vicente Gómez
Samantha Valencia
Miguel Hernández
José Pedroza
Saúl Olivas
Rodbel (Alejandro) Virula
Oscar Oliva
José Luis Robles

Mariachi Mexico Antiguo Website

Mariachi Academy of New England