About the Project

I first met Mariachi Mexico Antiguo on a whim. While driving through Chicopee, MA, I spotted a sign for Live Mariachi Wednesdays. The sign was outside of the Frontera Grill, which looked like a typical middle-american tex-mex restaurant. The restaurant was exactly as I pictured, but the Mariachi were quite different than I had anticipated. I was expecting a small gimmicky group, one that fit the stereotypes of Mariachi music, and that fit in with the generalization of Mexican culture that the restaurant provided. Mariachi Mexico Antiguo are all about disrupting that. We followed Mariachi Mexico Antiguo for 3 months, documenting different shows they played all throughout New England and the Connecticut River Valley. It became evident very quickly how much Mariachi means to all of them. In conjunction with the Mariachi Academy of New England, Mariachi Mexico Antiguo are gaining fans and forming a real base on the East Coast for Mariachi to thrive and to grow. We hope that this video helps this cause, and we hope that you as the viewer enjoy!



About the Filmmakers

Joaquin Townsend (Class of 2021)

Joaquin Townsend is a sophomore at Amherst College. He is undecided, but is considering a major in Film and Media Studies. Though not particularly musically inclined himself, he has a deep appreciation for Mariachi music since he was raised listening to mariachi music. He feels very lucky to have stumbled upon these people and this scene, and is confident that his relationship with the group has only just started. He wants to thank all 12 members of Mariachi Mexico Antiguo, especially Alejandro Virulas for their hospitality, kinship and patience throughout the entire process. You can contact him at jtownsend21@amherst.edu.

Dean Gordon (Class of 2022)

Dean Gordon is a freshman at Amherst College. He is currently undecided in his major, but is considering pursuing a double major in history and music. Dean is a member of the Amherst College jazz big band and jazz combo and is also very involved in the music scene on campus. Making this documentary was the highlight of Dean’s fall semester and he highly recommends prospective students to take this class. You can contact him at dgordon22@amherst.edu.