Larry Larry (2018)

One of the most striking things about Larry and his career is how firmly his roots are set in Massachusetts. Larry is truly an engineer and influencer of sound in the Pioneer Valley and throughout Massachusetts. In the first interview we did with him, Larry described different periods of his life in different parts of Massachusetts, and these locations correspond to different stages of learning about audio. Larry’s hard work is confirmed by his dedication to his communities. Going to college at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and starting his journey with sound by doing audio tech for shows by Umass students, he has now come full circle, ending up at Hampshire college, connected to Umass through the Five College Consortium. After beginning his studies at Umass, Larry worked at Klondike Sound, an audio shop based in Greenfield, Massachusetts. When speaking about Klondike, Larry mentions the students he has worked with who are either currently employed there or have worked there in the past. After Klondike, Larry expanded his community of sound, working on tour with artists like Ani Difranco. Yearning to come back to Massachusetts and start a family, Larry ended his stint of touring and came back to look for his next opportunity. He arrived back at Hampshire College, which is a unique community of sound. At Hampshire, Larry has worked with a wide range of students and teachers, dancers and musicians, including world renowned multi-instrumentalist and composer Marty Ehrlich. He has a long list of roles, and he has fortified a community of students that he has taught to work with audio.

Larry’s impact on his community is very broad. His attention and empathy to the Hampshire community allows him to break down walls in a sometimes stressful and isolating place. The music and dance building, like many of the other buildings at Hampshire, is dark and dingy. However, Larry’s impact on a colorful of community of audio is rooted in his consideration for the happiness and comfort of many individuals who share some of the same experiences and interests as he does. Like the doors of the music and dance building are open to people of all shapes and forms, Larry’s ears are open to all who hope to work with sound.