About the Project

Emely Mckeown is a second year at Hampshire College. Her concentration is in film, with an interest in documenting music and musicians. Before college, Emely went to the Academy for Careers in Television and Film, which is a four-year high school in New York City. There she learned many technical filmmaking skills and was drawn to sound recording. At Hampshire she became interested in documentary filmmaking after taking a non-fiction film class and making a film about a music student at Hampshire. From there she worked at a jazz venue called Roulette Intermedium as a video archive intern. Although she is not a music concentrator, her interest in film, and more specifically the documentation of music, drew her to this project.

Ailey Verdelle is a second-year music concentrator at Hampshire College. Ailey attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts for high school, where she studied piano and organ technique. During that time she participated in the Baltimore Youth Film Arts program, where she and other students wrote, recorded, directed, and edited their own short films. In the summer of 2018, Ailey interned at the Institute for the Musical Arts, where she learned how to properly operate a sound board and how to record and edit music. Her training there inspired her to do this project on Larry Berger as she discovered how much patience, creativity, and hard work goes in to what Larry does for a living as an audio technician.