Hannah & Maggie: In the Company of Strangers (2014)

Hannah & Maggie are a folk-pop duo that originally met and began making music together at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. This documentary, created by Abbie Duquette and Elizabeth Paul, explores Hannah & Maggie’s journey- their history, the challenges they face, and the hopes that they have for the future.

Hannah & Maggie first met as members of the Smith College a cappella group, the Smiffenpoofs. They began singing and writing songs together, continuing their creative relationship even after Hannah’s graduation from Smith. The duo both co-writes and individually writes the songs that comprise their three released albums. Hannah and Maggie both describe the other’s songwriting as an incredibly poetic gift.

Since they began making music together, Hannah and Maggie have released three albums and embarked on two large tours across the United States. On these tours, they have learned to face challenges and stay true to themselves regardless of any adversity they may face as young female musicians

Hannah & Maggie’s most recent album, “In the Company of Strangers,” was released in February of 2014. The duo returned to their roots in Northampton for an album release concert at the Iron Horse Music Hall. Hannah & Maggie successfully filled the venue to capacity and look back on the show as one of their best memories as a pair. Looking to the future, Hannah & Maggie have incredible potential and hope to continue to expand their fan base and share their music with the world.