About the Project

Patrick Williams smiling

Student Contributor

Patrick Williams is a junior music and German major at Amherst College. Hailing from Whittier, CA, Patrick was drawn to Amherst College in search of a community in which he could foster both his musical and intellectual passions. Planning to pursue a career in either horn performance or music education, he hopes to study low horn in Europe via a Fulbright after graduation. He was drawn to this project as an actively engaged member of the horn community in the valley, having already met and played with many of the members of the community featured in this piece. When not playing music or listening to esoteric twentieth-century art music, he can be found baking, cooking, and trying to learn how to knit. For further questions, he can be contacted directly at patrick.a.williams95(at)gmail.com.

Special Thanks

An unlimited supply of thanks (and a limited supply of personally baked goods) goes out to all the people that made this project possible. Big thanks to Professor Jeffers Engelhardt, whose ethnographic teachings guided my project in its initial stages; Bridget Dahill, Pete Marvin, and Josh Baum in IT, for their technical support; Zoƫ Jacobs and Carter McClintock of the Center for Community Engagement for their financial support of this project.

Thank you, also, to all of my friends who lent a pair of eyes for revisions: Mika Obayashi, Ashley Bohan, Lexi Ligon, Audrey Chang, and all the members of MUSI-238.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the following:

  • Jean Jeffries, whose private instruction led me to embark on this journey.
  • Laura Klock, who served as a pillar of warmth and stability for forty years in the Pioneer Valley.
  • Fleur Barnes-Rowell, whose fellow affinity for low horn brought us both much joy.
  • Erin Lylis, whose fearless playing and passion for life is remarkable
  • Christine Mortensen, whose unbridled musical energy and talent breathes life into the music she plays
  • Margot Rowland, whose beautiful playing well after retirement is inspiring
  • Rebecca Krause-Hardie, for wonderful times at the Northeast Horn Conference
  • Josh Michal, for his continued support of the horn community both in the Pioneer Valley and in the broader New England area
  • the UMass Amherst Horn Choir, for allowing me into your musical world
  • the Amherst College Horn Ensemble, whose love and musicianship continue to enrich my collegiate musical experience beyond words.