About the Project

Student Contributor

Handsome young man standing before Tuscan landscapeBrian Z. Zayatz is a Black studies major in Amherst College’s class of 2018. He was introduced to the local DIY scene during his first year at Amherst through a friend’s band, and since then has built relationships with musicians around the valley as Events Coordinator at WAMH Radio. He is grateful to the participants in this documentary project for allowing him to share glimpses into the DIY experience with other students and viewers. He can be contacted at bzayatz18(at)amherst.edu

Special Thanks

to Professor Englehardt and my peers in class for hours of brainstorming, workshopping ideas, and critiquing; to Pete Marvin, Josh Baum, and Bridget Dahill for guiding me through the technical aspects of this project; to Androo Wang and Monica Cesinger for introducing me to Western Mass DIY; and to all the musicians and house venue residents who have made this project possible and, more importantly, put in the limitless work necessary to sustaining this vibrant musical culture.