About the Project

Special thanks go to everyone who made this film possible. Thank you to Ranjanaa Devi for being so enthusiastic with helping with the project- from helping with different filming ideas to being extremely flexible and patient with my limited transportation capabilities. Thank you to Michelle for aiding with transportation, and for being willing to be interviewed. Thank you to Emma and Sheza for taking time out of your busy college schedules to be interviewed, and for being so enthusiastic about the video. And finally, a big thank you to my parents who dealt with my late night calls during the crazy editing processes.


IMG_2427 Lexi Ligon is a freshman at Amherst College who plans on double majoring in Music and Anthropology. She participates in the Amherst Symphony Orchestra, sings in the Amherst Concert Choir, and participates in a number of small musical ensembles. Lexi loves all forms of music, and plans on getting a certificate in Ethnomusicology. She can be contacted at lexiligon@gmail.com