About the Project

Student Contributors

Cesar Centeno is a first-year at Amherst College. He has been performing and fascinated by performance, whether it be song, dance, or anything in between, from a young age. Cesar came across Urban Thunder while at a Stop DAPL rally on UMASS campus in the fall of 2016. Upon first hearing them, Cesar knew he wanted to document their sound. He has been thrilled to work alongside Shahruz Ghaemi to experience what Urban Thunder has to share. Cesar can be contacted at ccenteno20(at)amherst.edu or cesar.russell.centeno(at)gmail.com

Shahruz Ghaemi is a second-year history major at Amherst College with interests in music, radio production, and storytelling. At first he didn’t know what documentary he wanted to make, so he joined Cesar because his idea sounded cool. He is glad he’s gotten to know Urban Thunder and the wider Native community in the area. Shahruz can be reached at sghaemi19(at)amherst.edu or shahruzghaemi(at)gmail.com


Special Thanks

Special thanks to Justin Beatty, Jon Hill, Anthony Melting Tallow, Daniel Sauceda, and the many members of the Urban Thunder family. Thanks also to Joyce Vincent, Elizabeth Stephens, and all the other students at the Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center for welcoming us as we filmed the documentary. Thanks to the North American Indian Center of Boston and the organizers of the UMass Boston Powwow. Thanks to Loril Moondream. Thanks to Prof. Jeffers Engelhardt for providing this opportunity and guiding us through the many tortured stages of production; also to Pete Marvin, Josh Baum, and the whole IT Department for putting up with our many last-minute requests.