About the Project

jdimageAbout the Author

John David Nurme is a Computer Science and Film and Media Studies double major in Amherst College’s class of 2017. His interest in hip hop and rap was fostered through dance with DASAC (Dance and Step at Amherst College), a collegiate hip hop dance group. He first encountered the local rap scene through fellow students who performed in local shows and delved into the community through this documentary project. He hopes this documentary will help bring attention to the incredible local talent of the Pioneer Valley, and would like to extend a thank you to everyone who made this project possible.


Special Thanks

to Ben Goldsher for facilitating the filming of this documentary at The Arts Block, as well as for helping boost the local hip hop community as a whole; to Professor Engelhardt and the other members of the Pioneer Valley Soundscapes for their participation and facilitation of these amazing projects; to Wiki Good for their help with contacts, interviews, and providing music; and to all the local talent that participated in this documentary. It would not have been possible without you.