About the Project

Student Contributors

Andrew Feinberg
Andrew Feinberg

Andrew Feinberg is from Manhattan Beach, California. He is graduating from Hampshire College in Spring 2012, with a concentration in ethnomusicology and language. He spent a semester studying music in Cuba with the Hampshire in Havana program and studied journalism at the Carter Institute at NYU. He is also a musician, and performs in a number of campus bands and ensembles.  Contact him at andrew.a.feinberg[at]gmail[dot]com.

Mauro Diaz
Mauro Diaz

Mauro Diaz is a sophomore at Amherst College. Originally from Dallas, TX, he is currently majoring in Anthropology (and looking to double major in Film and Media Studies). His research interests include human-environment interactions and urban agricultural sustainability. Though not majoring in music, he enjoys playing various instruments from the banjo to the jaw harp. He can be reached at mdiaz14[at]amherst[dot]edu.

Special Thanks

The staff and students at Amherst College:

Professor Jason Robinson for your suggestions and guidance; Mrs. Ann Maggs for supplying us with great information and helping us see that the polka culture was not only an interesting subject but a tremendously fun subject as well; Peter Marvin, John Kunhardt, Dave Moran, Josh Baum, and Marcus DeMaio at Academic Technology Services for answering all of our technology questions and being so accommodating when it came time to check out equipment; our fellow Pioneer Valley Soundscapes classmates for all the feedback you gave us along the way; the select students at Hampshire College for allowing us to use your cars week after week!

The people at WMUA:

Mr. Billy Belina for starting the program all those years ago and supplying the Valley and the world with such great music; Mr. Mitch Moskal for taking the time to stay after your show to answer all of our questions; Mr. Todd Zaganiacz for responding to our initial contact with the studio and for inviting us into the station; Mrs. Helen Szubzda-Curtin for being so welcoming and agreeing to participate in our project.

Finally, it goes without saying that many, many thank you’s go out to all of the wonderful DJs, staff, members, and listeners at WMUA: it is your hard work and dedication that helps spread the message of the music to everyone!