About the Project

I grew up being a part of my local youth choir, the Milwaukee Children’s Choir, and it was such an important part of my musical journey and life generally. The bulk of my musical foundation came from my time there and my love and appreciation for classical music. Getting to see the impact of the Hampshire Young People’s Chorus firsthand was truly inspirational, and memories of my time in choir immediately flooded back. I got to sit in the pews with the kids, singing while Reka and K.C. helped us learn the music, listen to each other, and get a message across to the listeners.

In talking with K.C. and Reka as well as the members of the choir, it reminded me of the true beauty of music. As I drove all around the valley, visiting different families with their own unique values, priorities, and struggles, everyone had one thing in common: going to YPC every week and feeling like a part of something bigger. Every person I spoke to lit up when they spoke about their time at YPC. YPC brings kids from all over the valley together and shows them how beautiful music and music making with other people can be.

Isabella Lozier, a first year at Amherst College, is a prospective music major on the pre-med track who runs cross country and track for the college. She is from Wisconsin where she was a member of the Milwaukee Children’s Choir and played violin in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra. She is a member of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra and loves being a part of the music scene at Amherst. She is incredibly grateful for getting to meet the conductors and members of the Hampshire Young People’s Chorus and getting to work with them, hear their stories, learn about their impact in the Connecticut River Valley, and make music together.

Contact me at ilozier26@amherst.edu

Visit http://www.hampshireypc.org/ to learn more about YPC