About the Project

I was raised Russian Orthodox by my Russian and Orthodox mother. We went to services regularly and my mom is still an active member in that church. In college, I started going to St. Nicholas parish. I wanted to go back to a Russian Orthodox church after not having been for over a year, and St. Nicholas was the closest one to Amherst. That first time I went, I remembered that I loved Russian church music. I joined the choir a few weeks later, and, as of finishing this project, I have been singing at St. Nicholas for almost 2 years.

I carpool with a family that also lives in Amherst. Without them, it would be a much bigger struggle for me to drive the 45 minutes at 8:30 AM on a Sunday morning.

Church website: https://www.saintnicholasorthodox.com

ROCOR website: https://www.synod.com/synod/indexeng.htm#gsc.tab=0

My contact: mathewamueller@gmail.com