Unedited Audio

In keeping with the initial transparency guidelines we set ourselves for the project, presented here are the raw, unedited, full-length, stereo and mono audio tracks from our recordings.

Please note there is a minor language advisory on the recordings in Belchertown. It was very cold.

Unedited Olver 1

Unedited Olver 2

Unedited Northampton Post Office Morning

Unedited Northampton Afternoon Post Office

UneditedNorthampton Academy of Music Afternoon

Unedited Northampton Academy of Music Morning

Unedited Hampshire Corrections

Unedited Belchertown Center

Unedited Morning at Amherst College

Unedited Afternoon at Amherst College

Unedited Amherst Town Common

Unedited Amherst Post Office

Unedited Union Station