About the Project

Student Contributors

Roshard BryantRoshard Bryant is a junior at Amherst College. Originally from the Bronx, NY, he is currently majoring in Black Studies.  His research interests include educational reform and social activism through use of film and media.  Roshard also works as a community engagement leader and is a member of several campus organizations designed to encourage diverse interactions amongst students at the College. Contact Roshard at rbryant13[at]amherst[dot]edu.


Ben VolvovitzBen Volvovitz is a sophomore at Hampshire College.  Originally from Woodbridge, CT, he is currently studying Music and Economics.  He enjoys performing at local open mic venues.

Special Thanks

This documentary would not be possible with all of the help and support of great people.

A big thank you to:

Green Street Trio: Paul Arslanian, George Kaye, Jonathan Fisher for not only what they had to say but also for being so kind and helpful during the filming process.

Interviewees: Miro Sprague, Don Anderson, Eric Pers, Bruce Niemczyk, Carol Smith, Kathryn Service for their enthusiasm and kind words

The Clarion Hotel staff, for working around us on those crowded nights.

Jason Robinson, Jeffers Engelhardt (original PV soundscapes teacher), PV Soundscape Students, for the opportunities to make this and improve our work.

John Kunhardt, Peter Marvin, Marcus Demaio, Dave Moran and the rest of Academic Technology Services

Sarah Barr, Molly Mead, and the rest of the Center for Community Engagement.

Amherst College and Hampshire College

All the musicians and community members who participated in the making of this documentary.

All the musicians and community members that wanted to participate in the documentary, but did not get the opportunity to.


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