About the Project

photo of Gilbert Wermeling
Gilbert Wermeling is a second-year biology and music double major at Amherst College. He runs the Amherst Argentine Tango Club, which is where he was first introduced to Argentine tango, and Daniel Trenner. He sings in the Amherst College Concert Choir and plays cello for the Amherst College Symphony Orchestra.

Amherst Argentine Tango Club Website

Hampshire Salsa Rueda and Tango Club Website

Amherst Argentine Tango Club Facebook Page

Hampshire Salsa Rueda and Tango Club Facebook Page

Tango in Western Mass and Beyond Facebook Page

Daniel Trenner’s personal website


Special Thanks to:

Daniel Trenner
Joe Serrazina
Gabby Raymond
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Joshua Baum
Bridget Dahill
Peter Marvin
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