About the Project


Elise Cavicchi is class of 2015 at Mount Holyoke College. She studies Music and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Nature, Culture, and History. Her interests include ecomusicology, sound studies, and intangible heritage.  She has worked on several independent recording projects from the soundscapes of transhumance in Abruzzo to variations of sonic frequency in a Maine apiary. She can be reached at cavic22e[at]mtholyoke[dot]edu.


For More Information

Mount Tom State Reservation http://1.usa.gov/1dzSRzi

The Acoustic Ecology Institute: http://acousticecology.org/

Ecomusicology: http://www.ecomusicology.info/

Everyday Listening, Sonic Inspiration: http://www.everydaylistening.com/

Wild Sanctuary, Natural Soundscapes: http://www.wildsanctuary.com/