Summit, Dawn

Summit, Noon

Summit, Dusk

Summit, Midnight

Spectrogram: Noon Recording

Spectrogram of summit noon recording

A wrought iron tower stands in the center of a paved open space. Swarms of ladybugs swirl in the sunlight near the base of the tower, soundlessly alighting on the tower’s supports. The road winds around the top of the clearing in a loop, and cars park along the sides. Leaves skitter across the pavement – the only hard surface in the area. In the unpaved places beside the road, short cropped grass, moss, and clover grow, ruffled in the wind. Around the edges, grey and white birch, white pine, red oak, and maple are coming into full color and shedding leaves. Their branches sway and creak in the stronger wind, and from the top of the tower, the vista opens to a view of the valley.