Summit, Dawn Summit, Noon Summit, Dusk Summit, Midnight Spectrogram: Noon Recording A wrought iron tower stands in the center of a paved open space. Swarms of ladybugs swirl in the sunlight near the base of the tower, soundlessly alighting on … Read More

Blue Trail

Blue Trail, Dawn Blue Trail, Noon Blue Trail, Dusk Blue Trail, Midnight Spectrogram: Midnight Recording The Blue Trail is close to the “Hampton Area” clearing. It is completely forested and sheltered behind a dramatic slope. Along the path, a wooden … Read More

Rt. 141

Rt. 141, Dawn Rt. 141, Noon Rt. 141, Dusk Rt. 141, Midnight Spectrogram: Midnight Recording Across the highway from the Tavern on the Hill, a sign prohibits access to the Reservation Road, which winds through the mountainous terrain. This doesn’t … Read More

Lake Bray

Lake Bray, Dawn Lake Bray, Noon Lake Bray, Dusk Lake Bray, Midnight Spectrogram: Dusk Recording This location is also only a few feet away from winding trail that reaches to the water’s edge, which opens it to the sounds of … Read More

Project Methods

  I have traveled Mount Tom’s terrain during ten separate visits. The first two fieldwork experiences were spent exploring the trails and the space between, the land plots near  roads, and those in areas lesser traversed. I listened to the … Read More

About the Project

Elise Cavicchi is class of 2015 at Mount Holyoke College. She studies Music and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Nature, Culture, and History. Her interests include ecomusicology, sound studies, and intangible heritage.  She has worked on several independent recording … Read More